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The Official Travel Guide for Narvik

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Base Camp Narvik in Ofoten

Situated in the arctic landscape of Northern Norway, the location of Narvik is perfect. The town is surrounded by astonishing nature, mountains and fjords, something that characterises the entire Ofoten region encompassing Narvik.

Located in close proximity to Lofoten, Vesterålen, Troms and close to the Northern Swedish border, it is easy to make your way to Narvik for a short weekend break or a longer excursion holiday. Basecamp Narvik -in Ofoten, is a common denominator used to describe activities and memorable experiences the area has to offer for those of you that enjoy nature and history. 

Destination Narvik aims to give our visitors an ‘Arctic Experience’ that remains, creating everlasting memories. The concept ‘Arctic Experience’ possesses great variety including thrilling history from the war and Navvy era, spectacular ski resorts, amazing fjord safaris, music, outdoor concerts or just nature in its naked form. Whether travelling from north to south or east to west, the probability of crossing the border into Narvik is fairly high. Large areas of this region are predominantly untouched nature, mountains, fjords and lakes. However, for those of you that seek – you will discover some of nature’s treasures which, to most people, remain hidden.