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The Municipality of Narvik

Narvik is considered a young city, established in 1902. Before the early 1900’s, Narvik consisted with only a few farms, now you will find Narvik as a growing city with about 18500 inhabitants. In Narvik you will find everything you need, and more.

The reason for Narviks existence, is found east of the mountains of Kiruna, Sweden. There are two large ore mines, and iron ores are transported to Narvik by train along Ofotbanen, where the mining company LKAB is responsible for shipping the ore to the entire world from our ice free harbor.

The region that surrounds Narvik is Ofoten, where we have 6 municipals, Narvik is the district center. Narvik has its own airport, train station and busses to every city in Northern Norway, and it’s only a one hour drive to our regional airport with several departures every day to and from Oslo. As Narvik can be reached by sea, plane, road and railroad, the city is considered a major distribution hub.

The region is surrounded by majestic, steep mountains that meet the deep beautiful fjords, which are full of fish and other sea creatures.

With all this nature, you can still live the big city life in Narvik, with great shopping opportunities, high quality food, activities, culture and memories for life.

For more information, please visit Narvik