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Aurora Borealis





Aurora hunting 

Robin Lund

Northern lights hunting for up to three hours by car to the areas with the least amount of artificial light and cloud. If necessary, the trip will go to Abisko in Sweden, which has the driest climate in Scandinavia.
The trip includes hot beverages, food, transportation from Narvik or Tinja Mountain Lodge, and a chance to enjoy the most scenic spots. If the weather conditions prevent hunting, an aurora borealis presentation will be held at Tinja Mountain Lodge instead.

Price: NOK 800 per adult, NOK 400 per child (up to 12 years old).


Aurora Comfort package at Tinja Mountain Lodge 

After arriving and checking in at Tinja mountain lodge we will tell you all about the arctic lights and give you a picture presentation. We will take a walk outside the lodge and enjoy beer tasting from our own arctic brewery, or stay inside our lavvo to sample snacks by an open fire. You will learn about the magical blue hours before enjoying a Nordic 4 course gourmet dinner with drink pairing. After dinner we may venture outside again to look for the northern lights. Your day ends with a good night’s sleep in the lodge. In the morning we offer a breakfast in the restaurant before departure, or you can choose to stay for longer.

The package includes:
• Story of the northern lights with pictures NOK 200

• Beer tasting in Lavvo NOK 300

• Nordic 3 course gourmet dinner with drink pairing NOK 1000
• Accommodation NOK 650

• Breakfast in the restaurant NOK 225

Totally NOK 2375,- pr. person pr. night.

When you arrive at Evenes airport we can either pick you up or you can rent a car from Avis.

Other activities we can offer during your stay:
• Guided walk in the mountain with guide, open fire and snacks NOK 500,-
• 2 course lunch NOK 360,-

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