Top 10 things to do in the Narvik region summer 2019 Are you looking for some inspiration for things to do in Narvik during your stay? Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most of your holiday.


The Cable Car

From the centre of Narvik, an 8-minute cable car ride takes you up to the top station of Narvikfjellet at 656 mas. There is no better place for a panorama view of the town and surrounding scenery, with rugged mountains emerging straight out of the ocean. There are several viewing platforms and benches where you can sit, relax and even make a picnic out of it. You can also take a drink or try some local delicacies at the Mountain Restaurant by the cable car top station. Linken waffels with brown cheese, sour cream and jam are not to be missed (they are said to be the best in the region, and they’re huge – dare to try one). For more active visitors there are hiking trails available and guided tours can be arranged. Book your cable car ticket here.


The War Museum

In Narvik you will not only find breath-taking nature, but also dramatic history. Did you know the biggest battle in the North Atlantic took place in the fjords here? Narvik War Museum was modernised and reopened in July 2016 and is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Northern Norway. Here you will not only learn about the events from 1940-45, but also face questions related to war and peace, conflict and human rights in general. The design, photos, films, sound and technology create a thought-provoking experience that will make an imprint on the visitor’s memory. Open every day. Every Monday, 


Polar Park

Around one hour drive from Narvik you find the northernmost animal park in the world. Here, you can meet a number of species of the arctic fauna, including predators like bears, wolves and lynx to reindeer, moose and muskoxen. Although a tourist attraction, the park puts its animals first. All animals are given large areas to create a habitat as natural as possible. The Telegraph, one of the biggest British newspapers, states that the Polar Park in Bardu is one of 10 reasons to visit Norway. We strongly agree with that. Every Tuesday and Saturday there are organised tours from Narvik. Treat yourself to a unique experience and a visit to wilderness. Book your organised tour here, og entrance ticket only here.


The Ofoten Railway

The Ofoten Railway was opened in 1902 to transport iron-ore from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik's ice-free harbour. The construction became known as the northernmost, coldest and harshest railway project the world had ever seen. Today the line is used not only by the iron-ore trains, but also by tourists. The one-hour trip from Narvik to the Swedish border provides first-rate views of fjords and mountains, with the tracks clawing onto to mountain side. Some passengers have even moved away from the exposed side, fearing their weight may tip the train over the chasm and fall down into the fjord beneath. Not to worry though, as you are seated in a comfortable carriage and enjoying the scenery and the sights on your way, including the wreckage of a WWII German destroyer. You can book a guided tour that combines the train trip with a hike and a boat ride back to the town. Spectacular! Book your guided tour here.


Experience the Rombak fjord, located at the end of Ofot fjord on this boat experience. Majestic mountains, local history and arctic nature in one and the same experience. The tour start from Narvik Marina and into the Rombak fjord where there will be a short break, and return at approximately 17.00. On the return the boat will pass the shipwreck Georg Thile from WW2, with the possibility of a short stop to take a picture of the wreck. It is a spectacular experience to see the Rombak fjord all the way to the end of the fjord; The Rombaksbotn. The fjord is surrounded with steep mountains that plunge into the fjord and with beautiful waterfalls that find their way down to the Rombak fjord. The tour is run every friday, saturday and sunday in the summer season. Book your fjordtour here: 



Less than one hour’s drive from Narvik, you can try paddling your own canoe. Every Wednesday and Saturday there are organised tours starting from Lapphaugen tourist station. An excellent opportunity to get close to nature, listen to the sound of silence and birds singing. Soothing. Book your guided canoe tour here.


Climbing Park

A fine way to challenge yourself and spend your time in an active way. The park is beautifully situated by the ridge of the forest overviewing the fjord and surrounding mountains.  There are two obstacle routes for which you will be instructed and assisted by a guide. Every Wednesday and Sunday the park is open for individual guests. Climbing there you also have access to the Sami tent (lavvu) with an open fire inside where you can rest and take a picnic. Book your entrance ticket here.



Believe or not, Narvik has its very own beach. Just a 20-minute walk from the town centre you will find yourself in a peaceful setting by the fjord. If you are lucky the water temperature is above 10 degrees, and if you are brave enough you can try swimming. The place is very much used by the locals for relaxing and socialising. So, bring your blanket, some food and join them.


Museum North

The museum is situated a few minutes’ walk the town square, overlooking the harbour and the town. This is a perfect place to learn about the local history, including the construction and operation of the railway to Narvik, the navvies and the iron-ore transport from the ice-free harbour of Narvik. The museum shows how the town has changed throughout its history. The building itself is also worth the walk there. Open every day, and the museum’s staff is happy to assist you during the visit.


Ballangen boat rental

Just a half hour drive from the town you can rent your very own boat and go fishing. The fjord surrounding you, mountains overlooking you, and perhaps that record cod lurking in the cold, clear waters below. Do you have the right bait and nerves to catch it? Book your boat here


Go mountainbiking in Skjomen with a guide and get more downhill fun with shuttling services. Mountainbiking in Skjomen is worldfamous for its granite slabs situated between glaciers and fjord! We offer guiding and shuttling in this unique area to give you even more of the downhill fun. With a guide you get to discover the gems as well as the less known areas and as there are roads leading up to the main mountain plateau shuttling opens up for more riding during a day. Included in the tour: Transport from/to Narvik, Headlamp, snack, Guiding in norwegian, english and french, Access to workshop. You have to use your own bike and safety equipment. Book tour tour here 

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