In the Narvik region you can go hiking in a landscape filled with contrasts and take nature walks in areas of Cultural Heritage.

The boundary path in Tysfjord

The boundary path "Grenseleden" winds for 42 km through a grand and varied landscape. The old hiking trail goes from Sørfjorden in the municipality of Tysfjord to the west end of Áhkajávrre in Gällivare in Northern Sweden.

The hiking trail has been used for both livelihood and trading routes. During the second world war it was used as a refugee route to Sweden.

For more information, please visit Tysfjord Kommune

The Culture Trail Gállogieddi - Evenes

Along the Cultural Trail Gállogieddi in the municipailty of Evenes, you get to learn about Sami heritage and Sami Culture.

The monuments are signposted, and you can read and learn about reindeer hurding across the national boarder, how Sami huts and lavvos were built, about bear pit hunting, and even learn about where the wood nymphs lived.

For more information, please visit Várdobáiki Samisk Senter

Genealogy and historical societies

The Ofoten Genealogy and historical society was founded in 2001 and is working to spread knowledge about genealogy and local history. They organize courses, membership meetings and historical walks to increase knowledge of local history. 

For more information, please visit Ofoten Slekts- og Historielag

Rallarveien - The Navvy Road along the Ofotbanen Railroad

The old construction road takes you from Bjørnfjell or Katterat down to Rombaksbotn. The area was in 1997 awarded as Norway's outdoor recreation area.  Rallarveien - The Navvy Road - passes through fair mountains from Abisko in Northern Sweden to Rombaksbotn in Norway. In the summertime hiking in the footprints of the Navvies is recommended. The Rallarveien is a cultural and historical walk with traces from the navvies. 

You can read more about the Navvy Road here.

Narvik Guide

Narvik Guide has guides who will take you on cultural and historical walks and hiking, local city walks and more. All our guides are authorized with suitable courses to give you the best experience and knowledge about Narvik and the Narvik region. 

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