In the Narvik region you will find a number of tourist associations and hiking associations that offers to bring you on exciting hiking tours. What about a trip to impressive mountain peaks, or a walk along our unique cultural and historical trails?

Narvikfjell - Narvik og Omegn Turistforening (NOT)

NOT was established in 1902 and covers the areas from Hellemofjorden in Tysfjord to the Troms county boarder. NOT's tasks includes construction and maintenance of trails and cottages, as well as trail marking. They also arrange guided tours, we guaranteed you will find a suitable tour.

For more information, please visit Narvik Turistforening

The Childrens Tour Association in Narvik

Fun, excitement and socializing in the nature is what the Childrens Tour associations offers. Fishing trips, spending the night in a Sami lavvo, camping trips, cross country skiing, picking berries in the nature, walking under the stars and snow cave tours are only some of the things you can participate on. What could be better than real nature experiences?

For more information, please visit Barnas Turlag

OUT in the Narvik Mountains

You will find a whisper of ore transportation and navvies over Narvik. One of the greatest ways to get to know the surroundings is to follow the trail of the navvies along the old navvy road Rallarveien between Bjørnfjell and Rombaksbotn.  The navvies built this road during the construction period of the Ofotbanen Railway.

For more information, please visit Ut i Narvikfjellene

Ballangen Info

The mining community Ballangen is located 43 km south of Narvik. With short distance to sea and mountains, the possibilities of great nature walks are perfect. 

In a beautiful scenery you should take the opportunity to try out some outdoor activities such as fishing in the sea, mountain lakes or salmon rivers, and hiking in varied terrain.

For more information, please visit Ballangen Info

Evenes Hiking Association

Evenes Turlag was established in 1999, and offers many activities in a stunning landscape, such as boat rental, cabin rental and great hiking opportunities.

For more information, please visit Evenes Turlag

Ofoten Friluftsråd

Ofoten Friluftsråd consists of the five municipalities; Evenes, Narvik, Ballangen, Tysfjord og Tjeldsund.

The purpose of Ofoten Friluftsråd is to get the all parts of the population to use the nature around us more, including disabled, elderly and minority groups. The council aims to facilitate recreational areas with trails, restrooms, picnic tables, barbecue areas and parking facilities..

For more information, please visit Ofoten Friluftsråd

Trips in Tjeldsund

Cultural and historical walks are some of what Tjeldsund offers. The popular complex Tjeldodden Friluftslivanlegg has a great view of the Ofot Fjord and Tjeldsundet, with picnic areas, sanitary fascilities and parking. 

For more information, please visit Tjeldsund kommune, Idrett og Friluftsliv

Grovfjord - Nova Tour Association

Nova Turlag was established in 1998, and the name Nova comes from the well known symbol and landmark Novafjell, the Nova Mountain. The mountain is famous for its great outdoor possibilities.

The area called Skoddebergvann - Revvatn is a scenic and attractive area, used for various purposes such as hiking, skiing, hunting, rock climbing and hiking.

For more information, please visit Nova Turlag