Welcome on board the world's largest wooden sculpture!


Morgans Ship can only be described as one big adventure! It started as a gift from the Swedish artist Calle Örnemark, and continued with a long journey with trucks to the north, far north! Upon arrival in Gratangen, the locals - with a tremendous effort including laughs, struggles, humor and a great deal of coffee - raised the sculpture high up in the air. During a couple of years the job was performed, and the sculpture and the life around it has become and extraordinary attraction.

There is also a cafeteria on the site, and you are welcome to bring your entire familiy to experience Morgans Ship.

Welcome on board!

Little Jamaica

The sculpture is built based on a fantasy vision of the ship Oxford, the one that the famous pirate Captain Henry Morgan sailed in the Caribbean in the 1600s. Captain Morgan was famous in Jamaica, where he even was a guvernour, hence the area around the sculpture is called Little Jamaica.

The original plan was to place the sculpture on the island of Roatan in the Caribbean, but the storm Katarina destroyed the beach where it was supposed to be raised. Thus the artist decided to raise it in Scandinavia, and miraculously it ended up in Gratangen.

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