In the municipality of Evenes, about 90 km north of Narvik, Várdobáiki Museum is located.

Várdobáiki Museum siida

Várdobáiki Museum is a subdivision of Várdobáiki Sami Centre, and belongs the North Sami area, where both mark sami and sea sami culture is represented.

Gállogieddi Open Air Museum, which primarily involves the Sami history and culture, is located here. Protection and preservation of the Sami cultural heritage is an important role and includes:

  • Traditional knowledge
  • Traditional story telling
  • Faith and believes, stories and mythology associated with places and cultural heritage
  • Words, phraces and traditions associated with objects 
  • Location knowledge and genealogy knowledge
  • Art and photo (exhibitions)
  • Duodji - traditional Sami crafts and handicrafts

Material heritages such as cultural monuments, landscape, buildings artifacts, photografs, handicrafts, documents and archives can be found at Várdobáiki Museum.

For more information, please visit Várdobáiki Museum.