Are you coming to the Narvik region in the winter time? We will help you to make the most of your stay. Here comes a list of 10 things to do during your time here.

1.Have some fun in all this snow.

NarvikfjelletPhoto: Narvikfjellet

The snow comes already in October and remains until April or even May which gives countless opportunities to have some winter fun. Fancy skiing? Narvikfjellet ski resort offers fantastic opportunities for skiing for both adrenaline-seekers and beginners. The ski resort is situated 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre, so don’t be surprised if you see people skiing down the pavements and streets in Narvik. How about tobogganing? Join a guide for a fun ride along the mountainside at Narvikfjellet ski resort in a unique urban scenery.  Or just relax: take the cable car and savour the snow-capped mountains emerging from Arctic fjords. You will find a cosy restaurant on the top where you can try Linken waffels with brown cheese, sour cream and jam. Unmissable! Book your cable car ticket here.

2. Go ice fishing!

Join us for the ice fishing at the Lapphaugen lake surrounded by beautiful Arctic mountains 60 km North of Narvik. The bus will pick you up at the Scandic Hotel in the centre of Narvik take you to Lapphaugen tourist station. There you will be provided snowshoes, and warm clothes if necessary. After a little walk we enter the lake area to try catching some trout and char. Enjoy the ultimate silence and breathe the crystal-clear air. We will take lunch by a campfire and, if you wish, you can even grill your own catch! Book here.

3. Cruise on an Arctic fjord.

 Finn Brattli

Photo: Finn Brattli

The Ofotfjord, once the scene of the biggest battle on the Atlantic Ocean, is also known for its breath-taking scenery. The cruise is a relaxing and exciting way to experience Narvik and its spectacular surroundings. Every Tuesday and Thursday you can book a 2-hour cruise starting from the Narvik harbour. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible coastline along with a cup of coffee and delicious Norwegian waffles. Book the cruise

4. Meet Arctic animals in their winter coat.

Polar Park

Photo: Pål Jakobsen

A one-hour drive from Narvik you find the northernmost animal park in the world. Here, you can meet a number of species of the Arctic fauna, including predators like bears, wolves and lynx to reindeer, moose and muskoxen. All animals are given large areas to create a habitat as natural as possible and they are especially active during the winter time, when the temperature is low. Book your entrance ticket and transportation here.

5. Try dogsledding.

Dog sledding

Drive your own team of huskies in the magnificent nature surrounding Polar Park! The activity starts and ends right outside of the entrance of the park and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Each Sledge has space for 2 people; one driver and one passenger and if you wish, you can change on the way. Hold on tight and enjoy the drive in the wilderness. And if you fall, it is going to be snow-soft landing. Book here.

6. Learn about war and peace in Narvik War Museum.

Photo: Narviksenteret

Did you know the biggest battle in the North Atlantic took place in the fjords surrounding Narvik in 1940? The modern Narvik War Museum opened in its new premises in July 2016 and is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Northern Norway. Here you will not only learn about the events from WWII, but also face questions related to war and peace, conflict and human rights in general. The design, photos, films, sound and technology create a thought-provoking experience that will make an imprint on the visitor’s memory. Open every day from 10:00 to 16:00. For more information contact Narviksenteret.

7. Go snowshoeing.


Photo: Narvik Mountain Lodge

Hear the snow crunching under your feet, breath the crystal clear arctic air and savour the arctic lights. Snowshoeing is an easy way to get close to nature, and anyone can do it. When you get a bit tired you can rest by an open fire, take a hot drink and a snack. Soothing! Book here.

8. Get to know a local Sami family.

Photo: John-Inge Lund

Sami people are an indigenous people of the North, such as Inuits in Greenland. A local Sami family, Nijala, offers a chance to learn about Sami way of life in modern Norway. Try feeding reindeer and learn about these beautiful animals. You will be also invited to a warm and cosy Sami tent, a lavvo, where you can sit around the crackling bonfire with a hot cup of coffee and listen to stories about the Sami way of life, and be introduced to some old Sami handicraft arts. To book contact Njalasouka Adventures.

9. Learn about the local history.

Photo: Museum Nord

The Museum Nord is situated a few minutes’ walk the town square, overlooking the harbour and the town. Here you will learn about the local history, including the construction and operation of the railway to Narvik, the navvies and the iron-ore transport from the ice-free harbour of Narvik. Or how about the region’s stone age rock carvings? Fascinating!

10. Last but not least experience the magical arctic lights!


Photo: Jan-Arne Pettersen

The Narvik region is located within the auroral zone, and this spectacular phenomenon can be experienced from the beginning of September to the middle of April. Before it gets dark, the Arctic sky is dominated by purple and pink colours that gradually give way to an intensive blue twilight. And when it is dark again the Aurora Borealis may start dancing above your head. Magical… Interested in organised activities under the arctic lights? Book here