“Well-being and high quality in fresh surroundings” The slogan of the municipality of Bardu is simple yet says a lot. With dedicated people and a magnificent scenery as their main ingredients, the municipality want to offer services of high quality and experiences that may be of great pleasure to many.


Bardu offers a lot of wilderness. Magnificent scenery is everywhere you look and every day you experience something new, something different. The light during the Polar Night, the Cold, the Northern Lights and then in contrast the long summer nights with the Midnight Sun. These surroundings also offer some of the best fishing and hunting in the whole of Norway.

 Bardu hosts two of the national parks in the country, namely Rohkunborri and Øvre Dividalen that both offer favorable conditions for scenic experiences beyond belief in some of the most remote areas in the country.    

 The “Wilderness Exhibition” with about 10 000 visitors annually, also establish Bardu as an important municipality of the Outdoors.


The Army is visibly present in the municipality and gives jobs to about 1100 people. Together with the 4000 inhabitants, they contribute vastly to the many events that are organized in the municipality and without their support, we would be at a loss, says Lennarth Kvernmo, chief of business in the municipality.

In august 2015, a big event will visit Bardu, namely the cycling event “The Arctic Race of Norway”. “It will be a challenge but we know we have what it takes”, says Lennarth Kvernmo.


Whether a small or a big municipality, it often comes to the same according to Kvernmo. It is all about believing in oneself and looking for new opportunities. This goes for both the population and the businesses, he thinks.

 In Bardu he has been a strong factor in establishing the network “The Dialogue”, a forum for dialogue between professionals in a number of fields. Here they look at both actual problems and look for new possibilities.  “If you look at things from different angles, the possibility for finding good solutions is better than operating on your own. The aim of the “The Dialogue” is to explore new ways of developing the businesses in the municipality. The possibilities are there – and working together will bring us forward. In Bardu we thrive in making progress together”, ends the chief of business.



Bardu Council Municipality
Population 2014: 4.078

Regional Airport: Bardufoss Airport (BDU)