Tysfjord is located in the southern part of the Ofoten region. With its 2000 bilingual inhabitants, the municipality is located in the Lule Sami core area, and consequently a significant part of the inhabitants are of Sami population or origin.

Amazing fjords and mountains

The character of the municipal Tysfjord is the long, deep fjords and the high steep mountains.  The contrasts of the beautiful countryside are big, with the deepest cavern and biggest canyon of Northern Europe.

With being the narrowest part of Norway, only 6 km from the fjord to the Swedish border, we welcome you to Tysfjord and encourage you to cross the country crosswise.

Árran julevsáme guovdásj / Lule Sami Centre

At Drag in Tysfjord, you can get to know the Lule Sami. The centre, which was established in 1994, houses a museum, language centre, teaching, kindergarten etc. and is a centre with a national responsibility to safeguard the Lule Sami culture, language and society. The museum displays a permanent exhibition about the way of life of the Lule Sami people, in addition to other exhibitions of art, culture and current affairs. 

Rock caves

You will find rock caves as old as 9000 years, they are considered the oldest findings in Northern Norway, and characterized as the largest and possibly one of the most impressive carvings from the Stone Age.