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The Municipality of Evenes

The municipal of Evenes is located just between the two cities Narvik and Harstad, with about 1400 inhabitants. The administrative center is Bogen, and the municipality consists of landscape and forest, long coastlines and mountainous areas. The regional airport is located in Evenes.

Evenes is known for its sami culture, Várdobáiki Sami Center is located here, where they run the Gállogieddi Open air museum. Here you will get great insight of the sami traditions and culture.

Other experiences in Evenes is the spectacular Trollkirka, one of Norways longest limestone caves with pot-holes, deep ravines and cascades,  which can only be described as a remarkable nature experience.

Evenes can also offer great hiking trails and very good sea fishing spots.

The uniqueness of the wilderness puts Evenes on the map for a place worth visiting.

For more information, please visit Evenes.