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The Official Travel Guide for Narvik


Top 10 things to do in the Narvik region summer 2019 Are you looking for some inspiration for things to do in Narvik during your stay? Here are our top 10 tips to help  Read more >>

Ofotbanen - The Ofoten Railway

Northern Norway's hidden pearl, is the railway between Narvik and Kiruna. The trip takes you through a historical, beautiful and wild landscape. Give yourself the opportuni  Read more >>

The Northern Lights

In the Narvik-region you can see the magical Northern Lights waving across the sky. It is close to an ethereal experience watching it while it dances and flames playfully on t  Read more >>

War Historical Landscape

The memorial in the picture is located on the site where the first strike back against the German forces during the second world war happened. The Norwegian forces were led by  Read more >>

The Midnight Sun

In Narvik you can experience the spectacular midnight sun. In bright summer nights you will see a landscape draped in yellow, orange and red colors from the glowing sun.  Read more >>

Fiskehallen - fish market

Fiskehallen is the right place if you love fresh and healthy seafood!  Read more >>

Morgans Ship

Welcome on board the world's largest wooden sculpture!  Read more >>

The Navvy Road

In the fair, wild nature, the navvy road winds down from the mountains to the fjord. In the deserted valley you can walk in a beautiful scenery, while traces from the navvy ti  Read more >>

The Stone House

Experience art in words and pictures! 

Media Thule

Experience art in words and pictures!