Arctic Wildlife Center - the northernmost animal park in the world.Meet the wolves, brown bears, lynx, arctic foxes, elks, reindeers and other animals from the polar fauna.

Get close to local wild life

Meet the wolves, brown bears, lynx, wolverines, arctic foxes, elks, reindeers and other animals from the polar fauna. Polar Park, which is one the world's northernmost wild life parks, lies in the heart of Salangsdalen Valley in Bardu, 72 km north of Narvik.

Animal welfare

The Polar Park puts welfare as the highest priority for the animals, and ensure they have the space they require and setting resembling their natural habbitat. Within the enclosures there is a natural environmental enrichment that keeps the animals stimulated and active.

Unique experience of the animals

Polar Park offers special wild life experiences for you and your familiy. Watching the guides feed the predators at the Park, such as the lynx, the wolves, the wolverines, and the bears is a guaranteed experience of the animals when joining one of the guided tours.

Reveal the truth of the mythical wolves

At the visit of the park, a wolf kiss should surely be on the top list of things to do!  At the Wolf Camp you can experience the mythical and legendary wolves up close and personal, as you are taken to the inside of the enclosures to visit them. To meet the wolves you must follow the instructions from the staff - Wolf Camp's primary concern is safety, for both visitors and wolfes!

Other fascilities at the Polar Park

Combine your day at the park with a cosy meal in the restaurant.
Join our zip line and get an adrenalin rush flying over the river. 
Events, activities and camping possibilities.

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