Lapphaugen Turiststasjon is located in arctic mountain areas, with a unique flora and magnificent birdlife, just north of Narvik.

At the Tourist Station on Lapphaugen you will experince real northern Norwegian nature, close to Troms county's biggest wetlands. You can stay in one of the cabins or in your own camper or caravan.

Mountain hiking

With Lapphaugen as base, the famous mountain Spanstind with its 1457 meters above sea level, is popular for mountain hiking.


Ski and hiking, fishing, hunting and ice climbing are some of the activities you can participate on. And Polar Park, which is the worlds northern most arctic wildlife park, is located close to Lapphaugen. Wolves, brown bears, lynx, wolverines, reindeers and polar foxes are absolutely worth a visit.

Lapphaugen Turiststasjon is located approximately 45 minutes drive north of Narvik.

For more information, please visit Lapphaugen Turiststasjon.